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V 1 . Our brands : Scaup – The brand sheer elegance has made it stand apart, Inspired by the contemporary touch amalgamated with the traditional craftsmanship. SCAUP is the first choice of men and women seeking a class. SCAUP specializes in Haute Couture, Prèt-à-porter, Ethnic wear.

V 2 . Quality of excellence : The main focus at Shankar Couture is to use excellent quality of threads with clean lines of craftsmanship. That’s why every clothes you buy worth the money you spend as we do not compromise in its thread quality.

V 3 . Platform for upcoming couturier : We provide a platform for upcoming courtier in a grey scale saturation theme. Collaboration is done with same workmanship and Cartesian who loves to preserve an old age artistry and a heirloom of textile industry knowledge.

V 4 . Master in colour scheme: Our excellent knowledge in colour scheme and thread are to be the source of education to provide every fashionista and artist to visualise their visionary sketch on plain fabrics.

V 5 . Clean line stitching: Our main focus is to grasp the knowledge on clean line stitching thus providing a helpful guide for each beginner to understand the true meaning of fashion attire.

V 6 . Integration of old heritage fashion industries: Attending and doing for an old heritage fashion industries techniques to encourage excellent unrevealed designers into the well groomed fashion industries.

V 7 . Trading worldwide: Currently we are trading in India, UAE , North America and Canada. We are slowly expanding our business to reach people worldwide.

V 8 . Open platform: Open platform for the amateurs who wants to join. Some of our employee were from non fashion background but now working as a technical personnel.

V 9 . Vision: Trying to improve and upscale hosiery products by integrating world different cultures and lifestyles and reflecting them in our products. Our products will be simple, comfortable with strong silhouette.

V 10 . Collaboration: Textile assembly trades specialist from all around the world to join or collab and add new and fresh ideas to make our products even better and trendy. We are always in search of good talents who wants to showcase their ability to shine.

V 11 . Fashion shows and exhibitions: Fashion shows and exhibitions are the core part of fashion industries which provides exposure of your work to the public. We have done several fashion shows and exhibitions in Dubai, Middle East and Canada. Our next shows is on planning phase. Our future plan is to do shows all over the world to connect with people worldwide. We specialise in the courtier gowns but also do Indian ethnic wears.

V 12 .  Integrating different lifestlyes and cultures: There’s ongoing research in our company  about different cultures and lifestyles of people worldwide . Our brand get inspired and integrate history, arts, folklore and cultures from all over the world and create attires which people will feel the reflection of their lifestyles. We also do fusion of traditional and modern cultures in some very significant ways to relive our history.

V 13 .  SC World or Culture: We tend to develop better relationships with coworkers, and are even more productive. SC culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. SC culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.  We don’t have traditional and formal management style. We have a casual workplace without many rules and regulations.  we tend to develop better relationships with coworkers, and are even more productive.

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